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Video Ann-Margret
Posted by: DCV - 06-11-2015, 10:13 PM - Forum: Celebrity Videos Clips - No Replies

Ann-Margret in Carnal Knowledge (1971) Dvdrip
With Candice Bergen

[Image: d783a8415058038.jpg] [Image: 2abbd6415058044.jpg] [Image: eac725415058049.jpg] [Image: 4b86b4415058056.jpg] [Image: 9cc0d7415058061.jpg] [Image: 62e2b2415058068.jpg] [Image: bd8b94415058071.jpg] [Image: 1a0090415058076.jpg] [Image: 8dc224415058083.jpg] [Image: a00c19415058087.jpg] [Image: 48ab7b415058090.jpg] [Image: e12fb6415058092.jpg] [Image: a11793415058095.jpg] [Image: 51eedf415058096.jpg] [Image: a1b253415058101.jpg] [Image: 8b397b415058104.jpg]

Size: 164,9 MB
Duration: 13:18
Resolution: 720×480
Format: MKV

Download links:

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Video Ursula Andress
Posted by: DCV - 06-10-2015, 07:14 PM - Forum: Celebrity Videos Clips - Replies (1)

Ursula Andress in Colpo in canna (1975) Dvdrip
With Carla Brait
[Image: 20d9ad414854744.jpg] [Image: 9347af414854751.jpg] [Image: 6ed9d6414854762.jpg] [Image: e58d52414854771.jpg] [Image: 37b780414854778.jpg] [Image: ab8dc6414854785.jpg] [Image: 547d2f414854790.jpg] [Image: 656598414854798.jpg] [Image: 9ebf0d414854801.jpg] [Image: 4a4e05414854808.jpg] [Image: c93ddd414854812.jpg] [Image: 3dc678414854818.jpg] [Image: 24dcf4414854822.jpg] [Image: 9ff391414854828.jpg] [Image: af3c9c414854839.jpg] [Image: 3fc9ac414854849.jpg] [Image: c9ac6a414854857.jpg] [Image: 9631a7414854866.jpg]
 Size: 192,4 MB
 Duration: 12:31
 Resolution: 720×550
 Format: MKV
 Download links:

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Video Joanna Lumley
Posted by: DCV - 06-09-2015, 12:37 PM - Forum: Celebrity Videos Clips - No Replies

Penny Brahms and Joanna Lumley in Lady Chatterly Versus Fanny Hill (1971) VHSrip
[Image: c55dc8414649600.jpg] [Image: dd8898414649611.jpg] [Image: 6c8b36414649622.jpg] [Image: c1d903414649633.jpg] [Image: 72b163414649645.jpg] [Image: dc1483414649650.jpg] [Image: bcd95e414649656.jpg] [Image: 0967b8414649668.jpg] [Image: fd3ee3414649676.jpg] [Image: b23df7414649683.jpg] [Image: d9c848414649690.jpg] [Image: d700b4414649699.jpg] [Image: 529540414649710.jpg] [Image: 7595bf414649724.jpg]
 Size: 48,6 MB
 Duration: 6:32
 Resolution: 512×368
 Format: AVI
 Download links:

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Video Jeanne Goupil
Posted by: DCV - 06-07-2015, 02:37 PM - Forum: Celebrity Videos Clips - No Replies

Catherine Wagener and Jeanne Goupil in Don't Deliver Us from Evil (1970) Dvdrip
[Image: 1e5f89413904921.jpg] [Image: cf124d413904927.jpg] [Image: f16102413904934.jpg] [Image: 076e47413904937.jpg] [Image: 5bb885413904945.jpg] [Image: 2b097d413904954.jpg] [Image: 9a920c413904964.jpg] [Image: 82dc9a413904971.jpg] [Image: d01bf3413904975.jpg] [Image: ddface413904985.jpg] [Image: 5ce59f413904993.jpg] [Image: b613c6413905004.jpg] [Image: 6ef22f413905012.jpg] [Image: 0dbac8413905018.jpg] [Image: 042c37413905024.jpg] [Image: 8ebdf4413905030.jpg] [Image: c7e78a413905035.jpg] [Image: eff269413905039.jpg]
 Size: 296,4 MB
 Duration: 19:57
 Resolution: 660×480
 Format: MKV
 Download links:

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Video Ewa Aulin
Posted by: DCV - 06-04-2015, 07:14 PM - Forum: Celebrity Videos Clips - No Replies

Ewa Aulin and Anita Pallenberg in Candy (1968) Dvdrip

[Image: e435a7413640004.jpg] [Image: 12ccec413640014.jpg] [Image: e37da2413640022.jpg] [Image: 2b59fb413640031.jpg] [Image: 9c4881413640035.jpg] [Image: a9178c413640044.jpg] [Image: a05be3413640056.jpg] [Image: c284f5413640061.jpg] [Image: fbb4b1413640071.jpg] [Image: b6f608413640082.jpg] [Image: 23cb68413640090.jpg] [Image: 6ac87b413640099.jpg] [Image: 39567b413640110.jpg] [Image: 4c3826413640118.jpg] [Image: c7071e413640123.jpg] [Image: ea8da4413640132.jpg]
 Size: 166,8 MB
 Duration: 15:39
 Resolution: 680×368
 Format: AVI
 Download links:

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Video Barbra Streisand
Posted by: DCV - 06-02-2015, 10:03 AM - Forum: Celebrity Videos Clips - No Replies

Barbra Streisand in The Owl and the Pussycat (1970) Dvdrip

[Image: 123f7b413196236.jpg] [Image: cb25c4413196250.jpg] [Image: 1c2e60413196262.jpg] [Image: 9532dc413196269.jpg] [Image: 39910d413196286.jpg] [Image: 689264413196295.jpg] [Image: 3a843f413196305.jpg] [Image: dceebc413196317.jpg] [Image: fa6bb8413196337.jpg] [Image: 5688f1413196348.jpg] [Image: 6a953b413196361.jpg] [Image: 924241413196374.jpg] [Image: 460131413196384.jpg] [Image: 6f78cd413196394.jpg] [Image: cbb765413196413.jpg] [Image: 68c2d9413196427.jpg]
 Size: 273,1 MB
 Duration: 28:58
 Resolution: 688×288
 Format: AVI
 Download links:

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Video Lynn Lowry
Posted by: DCV - 06-01-2015, 05:36 PM - Forum: Celebrity Videos Clips - Replies (1)

Lynn Lowry in They Came from Within (1975) 720p
With Kathy Graham, Susan Petrie, Barbara Steele and unaccredited actresses
[Image: 79a663413076055.jpg] [Image: c3eb4f413076068.jpg] [Image: 78d9f8413076079.jpg] [Image: c84466413076088.jpg] [Image: b4998e413076099.jpg] [Image: 046b19413076103.jpg] [Image: 75aa04413076115.jpg] [Image: 193386413076125.jpg] [Image: ecc011413076133.jpg] [Image: 6b0509413076146.jpg] [Image: 986006413076161.jpg] [Image: c808ae413076165.jpg] [Image: 826b52413076174.jpg] [Image: ba6571413076179.jpg] [Image: fc825d413076187.jpg] [Image: 71054a413076199.jpg] [Image: 7dfb3e413076208.jpg] [Image: a416dd413076214.jpg]

 Size: 275,1 MB
 Duration: 12:48
 Resolution: 1280×720
 Format: MKV
 Download links:

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Video Elsa Martinelli
Posted by: DCV - 05-31-2015, 06:20 PM - Forum: Celebrity Videos Clips - No Replies

Elsa Martinelli and Marisa Mell in Una sull’altra AKA One on Top of the Other (1969) Dvdrip
With unaccredited actresses

[Image: 0fc30a412920475.jpg] [Image: 183cb7412920485.jpg] [Image: 537221412920496.jpg] [Image: e84fb1412920508.jpg] [Image: 867c8f412920515.jpg] [Image: c74915412920524.jpg] [Image: 00b4da412920535.jpg] [Image: 2e2d03412920541.jpg] [Image: 8adc91412920547.jpg] [Image: 34782c412920562.jpg] [Image: c7b833412920574.jpg] [Image: 88d8c0412920587.jpg] [Image: c330eb412920600.jpg] [Image: 0f0925412920606.jpg] [Image: a56ae9412920618.jpg] [Image: 1a58e4412920626.jpg] [Image: 4caa48412920635.jpg] [Image: d829e1412920645.jpg] [Image: 1b1e59412920653.jpg] [Image: fe2c1a412920659.jpg]

Size: 303,2 MB
Duration: 22:45
Resolution: 704×368
Format: AVI

Download links:

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Video Patsy Kensit
Posted by: DCV - 05-30-2015, 04:52 PM - Forum: Celebrity Videos Clips - No Replies

Patsy Kensit in Angels and Insects (1996) Dvdrip

[Image: 54eb3e412591093.jpg] [Image: 342c4e412591110.jpg] [Image: a03cb7412591130.jpg] [Image: 031823412591153.jpg] [Image: d67c7f412591172.jpg] [Image: 30df31412591197.jpg] [Image: 205efd412591214.jpg] [Image: 122fcc412591238.jpg] [Image: 143b6d412591262.jpg] [Image: 6dac5e412591291.jpg] [Image: c5afe0412591318.jpg] [Image: 874686412591356.jpg]

Size: 118,7 MB
Duration: 5:54
Resolution: 718×550
Format: MKV

Download links:

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Video Catherine Deneuve
Posted by: DCV - 05-29-2015, 05:59 PM - Forum: Celebrity Videos Clips - No Replies

Catherine Deneuve in Mississippi Mermaid (1969) WEB-DL 720p

[Image: 529695412430331.jpg] [Image: 6dd214412430360.jpg] [Image: bc1fc6412430393.jpg] [Image: 0643e5412430427.jpg] [Image: e2815c412430455.jpg] [Image: ef9f88412430474.jpg] [Image: bf28e6412430492.jpg] [Image: 61c1b0412430513.jpg] [Image: 457abf412430532.jpg] [Image: c3c07e412430551.jpg] [Image: d479c5412430579.jpg] [Image: 6bdabc412430600.jpg] [Image: 8a02e4412430626.jpg] [Image: 56d86e412430652.jpg]
 Size: 30,4 MB
 Duration: 4:12
 Resolution: 1280×544
 Format: MKV
 Download links:

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